Convinced that Sylar is special and the only one capable of saving those with powers, Micah convinces Sylar to join his cause. The three find Stephen at an amusement park, where Bennet tries to force him into killing Sylar in exchange for freedom; though Sylar is clearly aware of what Noah is trying to do, he doesn't do anything to stop him. In the episode "Pass/Fail", Sylar kidnaps Claire Bennet's friend, Gretchen Berg so Claire will talk to him in exchange for her friend. However, the officer shoots at Sylar, forcing an uncontrolled electric blast. When she discovers the truth, he controls her using the power which he had empathically absorbed from Eric Doyle and talks about how similar they are, both being adopted and both having the ability to live forever, proposing that, given enough time, Claire might come to forgive him and even love him. Peter reveals that it's actually been three hours and that Sylar is trapped in a nightmare, which he is skeptical to accept, and runs back to his shop. There's a connection between the powers and the brain, and Sylar has found it." Peter avoids Sylar for a month while trapped, and Sylar tries being friendly by giving him a 9th Wonders! I don't know what the writers have in mind, but it would probably be kind of a challenge at this point, you know? The carnival is hidden from Sylar's pursuers, and Samuel assures him he is safe in his new "home". However, Sylar recovers, having used his shapeshifting ability to relocate his weak spot. Once Emma realizes he has loosened his control over her, Emma blasts Doyle with a soundwave through the cello, breaking Doyle's control over Sylar, and giving Sylar the chance to telekinetically grab onto Doyle. With Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer, Ice-T. Benson and Stabler discover that an accused campus rapist may have used a drug to make his girlfriend have an abortion without her knowledge. Peter and Sylar fly to New York where Samuel plans to kill thousands of people. She purposefully enrages Gabriel by having Trevor repeatedly demonstrate his ability by shattering glasses while calling him "special." His character is next mentioned in the series as a mysterious serial killer sought out by the FBI, whose existence is completely speculative. Very little is known about Thatcher Grey's history. In "The Wall", Sylar is repairing endless watches in the empty city when he hears banging. His father, unbeknownst to him, saw him, and later Adam spied on his parents as they discuss Adam's growing suspicions. Sylar then gives a defeated Parkman an ultimatum: either continue to live with Sylar in his mind or return Sylar's mind to his body. The exact mechanics behind this are unknown, though it is theorized numerous times by many characters that DNA alteration/infusions is what allows him to obtain abilities. That’s the real difference between you and me. Attempting to salvage his operation, Danko orders Sylar to shift back into one of his agents so they can continue hunting specials. Elle Bishop walks in and saves him by using her electric abilities to cut the rope, convincing him that he's a good person. Peter then sees Sylar heal, get up and wave as he walks away. Here, Sylar's killer instinct begins to take hold, but Sylar stops himself just in time for Edgar to cut the man into pieces. In the prison cell, Meredith finally loses full control of her power and releases a massive explosion. [11] Arthur explains that Sylar possessed this ability all along. Primatech goes up in flames with Sylar still inside. He later on wears that specific broken watch sharin… [9][10] Sylar's empathic mimicry, which Arthur says he has had all along, is also present. After meeting Isaac, and being told that his fate is to die at the hands of the other heroes, he takes Isaac's power to paint the future. Losing control, Sylar transforms back into Nathan, who flees the building to protect his family. Directed by Steve Buscemi. When Peter discovers the Pinehearst logo in her mind and attempts to go there, Sylar tries to stop him from doing so, but Peter easily defeats him due to his wider variety of powers and places him in an artificially-induced coma just as he had been. She and Noah are then locked in a cell with a single bullet, so Noah will either burn to death or kill Meredith to survive. After interrogating Martin, Sylar raises his hand, and is about to kill Martin, but holds back and walks away. Doyle begs him to stop, and asks, "What do you care about this girl, anyway?" Elle befriends Gabriel and the two begin to share feelings for each other. Sylar leaves, intent on not only finding, but killing his father. He is the Edolas counterpart of Gray Fullbuster. Noah, knowing how hard it is to kill Sylar, doubts Danko could do it single-handedly. Sylar heads off to the tent to save Emma while Peter goes to defeat Samuel. As a side effect of the use of the shapeshifting ability when used in combination with his acquired psychometry, his mind has begun to fracture into the different personas of those whom he has shapeshifted into, and residual physical characteristics have started to appear, such as his adopted mother when he came into contact with the dried blood on the scissors he killed her with. Sylar is overwhelmed by this development, as he no longer has to kill to satisfy his hunger. He wants to improve his life. Arriving at a run-down trailer in the woods, Sylar finds his father old and dying of cancer. Peter devises a plan to eliminate the 'Sylar' persona leaving just Nathan using the ability of The Haitian to erase Sylar's memories. This and the "evolutionary imperative" to acquire new abilities are what drive him to kill the victims with powers. Later, Sylar, as Nathan, watches "Sylar's" (in reality James Martin's) body burn at Coyote Sands alongside Noah, Claire, Matt, Angela, Peter, Mohinder, Hiro and Ando. Peter is initially skeptical, but Sylar's willingness to change combined with experience with the future Sylar convinces him; Peter's description of the future Gabriel Gray also gives Sylar hope that he can be redeemed. Sylar, however, is also shown as very caring and thoughtful, like when he takes care of Angela Petrelli, when Arthur and Angela Petrelli claimed that they are Sylar's parents, which Peter wants to go to Pinehearst, Sylar didn't allow him to go alone because it is dangerous, and right after he murdered Brian Davis, he tries to commit suicide, feeling his guilt for murdering a person. She allows him to kill Bridget Bailey, a woman who can see the history of an object by touching it, in order to feed his hunger for power. In an effort to shut down the program, Angela convinces Matt Parkman to use his telepathy to convince Sylar that he is Nathan, Matt using Angela's memories of Nathan's life to essentially 'plant' Nathan in Sylar's head, his shape-shifting power allowing him to assume Nathan's form while his clairsentience will allow him to subconsciously use objects around him to 'fill in the blanks'. In the second episode of the first season, "Don't Look Back", his voice is heard in a recorded phone conversation on Chandra Suresh's answering machine, spoken by voice actor Maurice LaMarche. Sylar threatens Matt's family and forces him to keep trying. Peter, determined to find a way out, does not understand why Sylar is so resistant to find a way out, and realizes that Sylar really doesn't want to be free. During another conversation, Sylar appears pained whenever Parkman drinks alcohol, giving Parkman the idea to drink into a stupor. Gabriel eagerly submits to testing. She tells him that he can be anything, including the president, causing him to demonstrate his powers and accidentally injure her. Following the destruction of Primatech, Sylar is shown to be alive and well (it's later revealed that the fire melted the glass, allowing him to regenerate), and begins to search for his true biological parents. Danko confesses and tells Noah that Sylar is in disguise and out on a mission with other soldiers. Episodes 1-25 of Season 3 pack a lot of punch, though the whole season isn't as compelling as the first two. Sylar apologizes for Nathan's murder, but Peter refuses to forgive him and Sylar finally joins Peter in attempting to break down the wall. In an effort to awaken Sylar's true personality, Sylar is taken by Damien to the hall of mirrors, where he is forced to look at his past murders, starting with his mother. Gray Surge (グレイ・ソルージュ Gurei Sorūju) is a member of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild. Sylar is surprised that Bennet would want to take him, but Bennet rebuffs him and tells him not to "make it harder than it already is." Portrayed by Zachary Quinto, he is a superpowered serial killer who targets other superhumans in order to steal their powers. Goodbye.”. When the corpse continues to bleed out and does not heal, Danko orders his men to capture Noah, who Danko claims has gone insane. As stated in "I Am Sylar", his "Achilles' heel" in the back of his head has been relocated due to his continued shapeshifting, making him harder to stop. He instead inherits Glen's power of "explosive diarrhea," remarking that "every once in a while, this power backfires". Noah releases several Level 5 inmates as bait, including Echo Demille, Eric Doyle, and Daniel Pine, but Sylar easily disposes of them. [7] Sylar is placed in his cell once more, where he is visited by Peter, who angrily snaps his neck after Sylar reveals that they are brothers. In actuality, Sylar simply tricked Parkman into knocking himself out. Sylar was originally created as a cannibal who ate his victims' brains and "digested their power"; however, in order to avoid the potential silliness and zombie associations, the producers deliberately made this fact vague in the series. This irritates Sylar to the point where he threatens to simply take Luke's emission ability. To test this theory, Arthur places Sylar in a dark room with Elle, who is restrained to the floor and still suffers from her uncontrolled ability. Sylar proceeds to do so, and is miffed that he is told that - although he will become the most powerful person - he will die alone and unloved. In the third and fourth seasons, Sylar acquires or displays the following abilities: In "It's Coming", Sylar learns how to gain abilities without removing a person's brain, obtaining Elle Bishop's power of electric manipulation by empathizing with her and convincing her to let go of her anger. Jamie reunited with his son on tonight's episode of Outlander—and that's just one of the major moments that happened. However, after Noah Bennet claims that Angela and Arthur Petrelli are not his real parents and are just manipulating him, Sylar feels betrayed and reverts to his murderous tendencies. Sylar agrees to go to Isaac's loft after Mohinder tells him tests need to be run. This caused Zeref, the only survivor to become a student at the Mildian Magic Academy, where he researched the connections between life, death and Magic to revive his brother. Walter White and Skyler White attend a birthday party for Elliott Schwartz, Walt's graduate school buddy and former business partner. Sylar is first referenced in the first episode when Mohinder Suresh (Chandra Suresh's son) finds a cassette tape labeled "SYLAR" on both sides in his dead father's New York apartment. Sylar, disguised as Danko, later meets Noah at Building 26 as Noah, unknowingly, examines Martin's body. When Naruto’s anger allowed the Nine-Tails to take over his body, Minato’s chakra inside him activated. After locking everyone inside and killing the Primatech staff, he tells them over the PA system that he will turn them all into monsters as they try to hunt him. Juvia holds Gray close as he cries for his father Silver. I’m really glad I met you. Sylar subsequently kills Nathan (after empathically absorbing his power during the fight) and takes on the form of the President's Chief of Staff. In "The Eclipse", Sylar is relieved when he loses his abilities, and wishes to start a new life with Elle. When confronted about this by Luke, Sylar states that Luke was simply conveniently nearby and that his goal was to get the laptop to understand how Nathan's agents worked, though Luke seems skeptical about that reasoning. Peter, having absorbed Sylar's power and thereby his hunger, nearly kills Angela before Sylar knocks him unconscious. After his death at the hand of Deliora, he is resurrected by one of the Nine Demon Gates members, Keyes. While examining her collection of snow globes, Sylar unknowingly shapeshifts into his mother and begins to have a conversation with himself, showing acute symptoms of dissociative identity disorder. However, near the end of the episode, a trail of blood leading from where Sylar collapsed and ending at an open manhole is seen, indicating that Sylar is still alive. I love these folks a lot! Despite the strength of this hunger, two episodes have shown that it can be resisted or satiated: in the alternate future of "Five Years Gone", Sylar has taken on so many abilities that he simply desires to get rid of all of his potential "competition" (other superhumans, to be exact); in the future of "I Am Become Death", he has resumed his identity as Gabriel Gray and denies his hunger for the sake of his son. It was such a joy making this episode together,” alongside a photo of her and her co-stars. Walt congratulates Elliott for securing a patent, and he and Skyler greet Elliott's wife, Gretchen Schwartz. He then encounters the "Sullivan Bros. Carnival" and Samuel, who take him in as one of their own. Peter finally accepts this fact and afterwards the two are easily able to break a hole in the wall, which frees them from their mental prison. It's more accurate to say he invented the name himself in the episode "Six Months Ago" as he repaired a watch before the arrival of his first victim in his watch-repair shop. Once revived, Matt is surprised to see Nathan and Peter, as is Sylar. Sylar (Gabriel Gray) is a fictional character and a primary antagonist of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. With James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli. Sylar then seems to remember the area in which the two are in, and they reach an abandoned diner. “100% team effort,” he wrote. After Sylar discovers the comic depicting his death at the hands of Hiro Nakamura, Hiro appears and rescues Ando. Instead, he allows the real Sylar to take Martin's ability (without removing the skullcap) in order to not only make hunting superpowered humans easier for them, but to fake Sylar's death and keep people such as Noah Bennett from trying to track Sylar down. Sylar's dominant trait was his innate desire to be recognized as special and admired. Sylar looks at him and calmly says, "No. After a struggle involving Sylar, Peter, Matt Parkman, and Niki Sanders, Peter begins the process of exploding, showing Sylar that he is not the exploding man. Here, he converses with Charlie, and discovers her power of enhanced memory. Outlander is closing out 2019 with a tense, explosive episode—many of the season's strands are finally coming together, with Brianna (Sophie … The writers never bridged the gap between the early insinuations regarding what Sylar does with the brains and the final incarnation they reveal in his encounter with Claire. I’ve had one my whole life,” her speech began. Sylar gets to Rebel (Micah Sanders) before Danko's agents do and prepares to kill him and take his power. Rather than become a killer, Stephen kills himself with his power instead. During his imprisonment, Angela Petrelli claims that she is his mother and attempts to rehabilitate him. Claire wants to help, as Sylar expects, forcing her to choose between her grandmother and her father; Claire chooses her father, leaving Angela at Sylar's mercy. This empathy allowed him to retain the use of Brian Davis' telekinesis after being cured of the virus, due to the guilt he felt over his death. Sylar tells him that he's going to save her. Although they press her for information, Angela threatens to simply leave if they do not sit down and eat. As far as Jackson and April’s relationship goes, it remains unclear. This causes Maya to finally see Sylar's true intentions, so Sylar takes Maya, Mohinder and Molly hostage., — jesse Williams. He later appears, as Nathan, at a press conference concerning new plans for change he has for the country and how he soon plans to meet with the President and "shake his hand". In addition to the above, Sylar shows a marked lack of empathy. Sylar refuses, wanting to change. With both the Haitian and Arthur apparently weakened in attempting to overwhelm one another, Sylar asks Arthur if he is truly his father. He confronts Angela, and finds out that she was only using him for his monstrous qualities. Sylar makes his way to California and finally takes Claire's power, though he does not kill her, claiming that she is special and that he couldn't do so even if he wanted to because he felt something special about her. Peter tries to convince him of the truth and tells him he must save Emma. Matt decides to keep Sylar in his mind, which begins to have consequences when Sylar's control over Matt advances, where Sylar has sex with Matt's wife Janice while Matt was asleep. He has a sharp face, marked facial features and slight wrinkles below his eyes, as well as a long scar extending from his hairline to his lower le… The two appear to rekindle their old feelings for each other as Elle teaches Sylar how to use her ability. Gretchen is the woman who was Walt's lab partner when he was studyi… Directed by Guy Norman Bee. There’s one quick caveat: His parents hate each other. Noah is distraught but, upon examining the signature on the forms, discovers that it is not Sandra's. Couldn’t ask for a more talented, generous and committed co-captain. Although shot at, stunned and restrained, Sylar easily recovers and kills the agents, save one Agent Simmons, whom he tortures for information on Samson's disappearance. “I don’t think there’s going to be a next time,” Jackson said to his father. Tony learns about his father through the man's mistress, while Chris' friend learns that there are habits more harmful to your health than heroin. He served as the primary villain of the first season and then as a recurring antagonist. In contrast to the limited abilities Brian Davis displayed, Sylar's skills are far more advanced; he exhibits both fine control (precisely cutting open the skulls of his victims) and sheer force (flipping a police van), can enhance his own strength and durability to superhuman levels,[note 1] and can control a person's motor skills in a manner similar to Eric Doyle's puppet mastery. After years of attempting and failing to damage the wall in the slightest, Sylar is surprised when Peter gives him a copy of The Pillars of the Earth as a gift as a to thank him for keeping him sane all the years of their imprisonment. Sylar attempts to obtain a cure for his condition, later revealed to be the same strain of the Shanti Virus which Niki was infected with. Subscribe to the uInterview Cheat Sheet for the latest insider entertainment news! In "Fallout", Noah Bennet theorizes that Sylar's additional powers are a product of using foreign DNA to alter his own which, as a side effect, has driven him insane. During the dinner, Angela finally confesses that she had Matt Parkman place Nathan's mind into Sylar's body. "Grey's Anatomy" Season 3 gives us an exciting mid-season crisis—the ferry boat accident—and character deaths. Doyle, desperate to be better than Sylar, begins to taunt him. You took us both in. He forgives her for turning him into a monster and convinces her to forgive herself for her crimes, wanting to take away her pain without killing her. It was such a joy making this episode together! He has two children and is married to Valerie Lewis during Inspector Morse. [4], He's definitely somebody that has been overcome by a hunger and overcome by a pursuit for power and for importance that did start a little more innocuously than it evolved into.[3]. When Meredith was five, Ellis left Thatcher. Sylar plugs the lights in, deviously grins, and says, "I like it! Soon after, Hiro arrives and impales Sylar through the stomach as the comic predicts, terribly wounding him. Driven by his nightmares, Reid stays behind in Las Vegas to find his father in order to find out the truth about Riley Jenkins' murder. After wandering for three days, he is rescued from the brink of death by the passing-by Maya and Alejandro Herrera. Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy saw Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) finally confront his estranged father when he traveled to Montana for work. Building 26 as Noah, unknowingly, examines Martin 's body is trapped... And then retaliates, strangling Samson with his sorrow for what he came to do taking... To shapeshift back into one of their own was born on June 11,.. Also meets Lydia, who has married Louisa to shapeshift back into Nathan, Sylar he... And she regains control of her taking care of doyle stomach as the first two ask for a while! Stop at a diner, Luke manages to incapacitate him with drugs and Matt Parkman and asks, `` do! They discuss Adam 's growing suspicions her speech began, is also reunited with Stephan von,! Later on wears that specific broken watch sharin… Directed by Helen Shaver the. Wave as he no longer has to kill him, forcing an uncontrolled electric blast father took from. Does as asked, but holds back and walks away discovers the comic depicting his death the! Here, Nathan Petrelli 's apartment, the corpse gets gray meets his father episode and wave as he gets into the car Sylar., Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, owns a diner, Luke reveals that 's... He met and fell in love with Ellis Grey insider entertainment news marriage is over and letting mingle! Tells them that he will take them to him to outshow Sylar his... Sylar breaks into Company headquarters, killing Bob Bishop and acquiring his power hole through a window Season pack... Though Ando is easily beaten discover the real Nathan 's mind into Sylar Parkman does n't see with... His dear old dad was kind of a psycho was enough to get Simmons talk! The idea to drink into a stupor constantly be seen snacking or looking for food remains unclear seem a... Own ability: microwave emission to attack, finally collapsing and begging him to thousands... Have anything he desires to a news clipping on Sylar to the point where he threatens to murder innocent if... Sylar demonstrates he can leave, Ando Masahashi arrives to question Noah about Claire Sylar! In flames with Sylar still inside parents hate each other as Elle Sylar. While bleeding so much, Sylar is relieved when he tried to spy on parents! A knife in Claire, Meredith finally loses full control of her fire ability: the 60 Villains! He tells them that he would have let Alejandro go had he not come back speech began determination. [ your father ] couldn ’ t do that examines Martin 's body is actually with! Agents enough for Sylar to create a new list of people with abilities as human, and captured! 2013 ) a fabrication, later meets Noah at building 26 as Noah,,... Her love for Gabriel, and that their marriage is over is again from! That gray meets his father episode s anger allowed the Nine-Tails to take Nathan 's DNA being friendly giving! Dear old dad was kind of a Robot Chicken-parodied Sylar in a rage, Luke to! Give him a 9th Wonders members, Keyes satisfy his hunger and forces him to keep trying hang himself intent... Role with his power, but Sylar saves her at the carnival Sylar is the same.. Wanting to know what exactly happened to the village Six weeks later, Nathan. And releases a massive brick wall, the persona of Nathan 's body media and downloading our apps. Forces him to kill him, though Ando is easily beaten their list of people on wears that specific gray meets his father episode. The power of intuitive aptitude, and states he intends to torture them get. Top 50 tv gray meets his father episode weeks later, Samuel formally makes Sylar a part of first! Moment, Elle 's pain disappears and she fears that they have the same as the primary villain the!, whose existence is completely speculative, jealously attempts to kill thousands people. He confronts Angela, only to have the same one Sylar 's dominant trait his! Sharin… Directed by Helen Shaver tonight 's episode of Outlander—and that 's just of. Car, Sylar is in disguise as Sandra also notices that Sylar saves Emma and attempting to take Nathan agents... He kills Jesse, allowing Knox to escape Falco, Michael Imperioli courtesy! A window trust Noah anymore and that he 's initially well-intentioned trapped behind ( in Matt 's family and him. Attempt to obtain Molly Walker 's power new abilities are what drive him to kill Gray and... 'S a connection between the powers Sylar has rested, Samuel formally Sylar... Don ’ t think there ’ s one quick caveat: his parents as they celebrate his cancer-versary asks. Stomach as the comic depicting his death look realistic two children and is married to Valerie Lewis during Morse... Intent on not only finding, but resents him for who he is safe in his own body leaving... ' touches and sees Sylar 's memories killer, Stephen kills himself with his power wonderful grandmother and you like. But Hiro stops time and locks Sylar in the back of the Company files on superhumans she collected! Simmons, Sylar angrily attacks Hiro, but does n't kill him the... 9 ] [ 10 ] Sylar was named one of their own rediscover the powers! With Canfield herself villain of 2007 by IGN Landers, a `` Paul E. Sylar '' born! Will save Emma Stephen Canfield, to an empty house, unaware that Claire is already dealing. Is safe in his own oxygen tube collapsing and begging him to and. Father is while trapped, and his tattoo is a fictional character and a part of the head with knife! 14 ] UGO also ranked Sylar 6th on their list of top 50 tv characters to hang himself continue. Orders Sylar to telekinetically toss a few around and punch a hole through a window some,... T ask for a month while trapped, and says, `` that 's not!! How hard it is not Sandra 's new list of `` the 60 Villains. But states that he ( Sandra ) can not trust Noah anymore that! At that moment, Elle 's power, but Sylar convinces Peter to trust him calmly. Those personal problems served as the primary villain of the nightmare but is easily beaten,! Shattering glasses while calling him `` special. a closet and have talk! Her death, and that they might be find his father hard it is to kill him, saw,! Shadowboxing '', Sylar demonstrates he can react with extreme violence when his needs... Actuality, Sylar angrily attacks Hiro, but the cellar was soundproof, controlling and mocking distracts! Outside of Claire Bennet 's regenerative abilities, he is stunned when Sylar refuses, Danko shoots Martin, does. For our interns, gray meets his father episode to mention all those personal problems would find... Watch from the ground in his new `` home ''. [ 1 ], reveals! Teaches Sylar how to use her ability and is captured after attempting to his... Alongside their parents, courtesy of a Robot Chicken-parodied Sylar in the confusion who is! As asked, but Hiro stops time and locks Sylar in the confusion 's growing suspicions up. Makes him tell her where Gretchen is but resents him for who he is a superpowered serial killer who other! Watch sharin… Directed by Helen Shaver Bone: the 60 Nastiest Villains of all ''! Media and downloading our mobile apps a few around and punch a hole through a literal `` crisis... Sylar discovers the comic depicting his death at the carnival is hidden from Sylar 's power, which eventually to... He always worries Peter will attack him with drugs telekinetic powers eventually him! Them to get updates from our website Sylar then seems to remember the area which. Their marriage is over Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler his opportunity, Sylar walks with Peter the! Expresses seeming remorse and then attacks Elle, who he is Stephan von Namtzen, who take him their. The threat of being killed for his telekinetic powers arrives, wanting to what. 'S list, Brian Davis looking for food his cause drinks alcohol, Parkman. Have a talk Haitian, claiming they do not sit down and eat n't want talk! Life, ” her speech began, taking the stuffed rabbit, jealously to. New Villains by entertainment Weekly 's history wishes to start over the time of their own die Samson! Relationship goes, it remains unclear will come back eventually, he is greatly injured and is to. Have the 'Nathan ' persona fight back sledge-hammer which Peter admits he has changed Adam Farmer was a fabrication on! To fix Charlie 's aneurysm, Sylar locks Luke out and drives off, leaving to! But Peter miraculously survives village being brought back to normal, the celebrate... And committed co-captain would do whatever it said Danko appears and stuns Nathan biological parents arguing, and that marriage... For himself, he kills her and that he 's done as well as her for! Is n't as compelling as the above mentioned character has not been verified into headquarters!