George's hope of forming a strong, unified country dims after another bombing. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Three kids in the Bronx discover that the gentrification in their neighborhood includes some literal bloodsuckers. Let's be honest, who would even remember the film Nine and a Half Weeks if it weren't for the taboo-breaking sex scenes? If movies have taught us anything it’s that covering up a child’s death never works. In early 2020, Sony announced that they were rebooting Anaconda, a somewhat forgotten giant snake movie from 1997 that’s mostly known for its B-movie value than actual scares. But we patiently weed through the trash to find the hidden gems. Gasping as people who hate each other bang it out? Starring a pre-Crazy Rich Asians Constance Wu, The Feels is about a lesbian couple who are getting ready to tie the knot, until they are forced to question their relationship at their bachelorette party, where one of them reveals she has never had an orgasm. The son of Stephen King has a loyal following among readers for works like the masterful Locke & Key and clever NOS4A2, which was just turned into a lackluster AMC series. A hidden body and intense guilt turn what starts as a coming-of-age piece into something much darker. Paco Plaza (REC) directed this Spanish film that premiered at TIFF and is loosely based on the story of a woman who died mysteriously after using a Ouija board in 1991. Creators: Karl Schaefer, Craig Engler. McG’s surprise horror-comedy hit was so popular for Netflix that it produced a sequel in 2020’s The Babysitter: Killer Queen. To start, check out these lesbian movies currently streaming on Netflix, from Oscar-nominated period films to easy-to-watch rom-coms. Skip the Robert Zemeckis version on HBO Max and just stick with the 1990 original from Nicolas Roeg. Sebastian Gutierrez’s 2018 indie horror flick is a vivid reimagining of the story of Bluebeard, starring Abbey Lee, Ciaran Hinds, and Carla Gugino. Del Toro’s first Oscar winner blends the fantasy world of a girl named Ofelia and the abject cruelty of her stepfather, a Captain during the Spanish Civil War. This Canadian import (original title: Les Affamés) is another exploration of who we are and what we do after the fall. Log in or link your magazine subscription, Photo: Tequila Gang/Wb/Kobal/Shutterstock, The 50 Best Comedies on Netflix Right Now, The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now, Trump Pardons Lil Wayne on His Last Day in Office, Bali Influencer Influences Bali to Deport Her, Here’s How to Watch the 2021 Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden, Seth Meyers Takes One Last Closer Look at the Trump Presidency, Nurse Lori Marie Key Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ at COVID-19 Memorial. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Hooper and producer Steven Spielberg tapped into a truly terrifying idea by presenting the comfort of suburban America as something built on a history ready for vengeance. What telenovela would be complete without a series of lustful assignations? UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. It’s a harrowing, terrifying piece of work, elevated even further by its impressive commentary about how much people bring with them when they leave. What more do you want from a movie?!?! In the United Kingdom, all of the latest Dragon Ball movies are available to stream on Netflix. Wilfred and his boy struggle to cope with what they’ve done, and must try to survive their now-cursed life as killers. Battle of Gods, Resurrection of F and Dragon Ball Super: Broly. If you've ever asked yourself "what if Magic Mike, but with murder?" Sometimes you just want a B-movie. Cover Title Name Released Rating IMDb; Disclaimer: Data presented is for Netflix US. 2014 TV-MA 5 Seasons Sci-Fi TV. What is it with these Spanish-language dramas and steamy love scenes? Shot at Danvers State Mental Hospital, Anderson’s film uses its setting perfectly, increasing tension with every single scene. 5. A round-up of the films and TV shows on Netflix with sex scenes that are basically porn, including Sense8, She's Gotta Have It, You Me Her, 365 DNI, and Elite. Before A Quiet Place turned silence into a blockbuster monster movie plot device, Flanagan was using sensory deprivation to make Hush one of the best horror movies of 2016. But that's where we come in with our monthly updates on the best new movies on Netflix. Below is a comprehensive list of all the devices which allows you to watch Netflix’s fantastic selection of TV shows and films. What if you don’t have time for the trash? From romantic comedies to psychological thrillers to science fiction adventures to soap operas, here are some of the hottest sex scenes you can watch on Netflix right now. *Note: not currently available in the U.S. What couple other than Geralt and Yennefer could say that their eyes first met across a crowded orgy? Best New Movies on Netflix This Week: January 16th, 2021. Gerald proves himself to be a total bastard, however, when he springs a surprise rape fantasy on his wife and then dies of a heart attack on top of her — before he can unlock her handcuffs. The iconic lead singer of Black Flag is great here as an immortal loner who has completely become a hermit to protect himself and others. Four teen boys are just being dumb teen boys when they find a katana in the belongings of one of the kids’ brother. It’s easy to see the low budget here, and the team improved on it in the superior sequel, but it’s fun to see where a phenomenon began. JOIN NOW SIGN IN. Things don't get more hedonistic than Ibiza in the '90s, so the group sex scene in the first episode of this bilingual drama series will come as a surprise to precisely nobody. It’s the story of aliens who look like clowns who come to earth to kill people. Chromatica’s Pope Lady Gaga Sends ‘Love, From the Capitol’. It will truly be remarkable if Matt somehow manages to explode another season of this show. Marcella. Netflix is available on a broad list of devices but you may need to know some of the requirements of the device to play Netflix Instant Stream collection. Streaming on Netflix. One of the best horror movies on Netflix, this Sundance darling is the tale of a pair of Sudanese refugees who flee to London only to discover ghosts have fled with them. Best Movies to Masturbate to on Netflix. Mike Flanagan strikes again! This Stephen King adaptation is one of those that seeps into your blood and poisons it. It's the story of Hugo, a stripper who is framed for murder and must uncover a conspiracy to clear his name... considering everything at stake, you'd think everyone in this show would wear more clothes. Killing All the Books 42m. This effective indie thriller has been a regular on the Netflix top ten since it dropped, an honest word-of-mouth hit that likely would have disappeared into movie history without the streaming service. Train Yourself to Be More Optimistic in 5 Days, How Busta Rhymes Lost 100 Pounds in 12 Months, 26 New Shows We Can’t Wait to See This Year, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. What makes an effective sex scene? And we swear they won’t all be Netflix Originals (there just happens to be a lot at the top of the alphabet). As Marshall-Green’s Will wonders if he’s going crazy, so will you, and the movie reinforces what you should already know by heart at this point: Always be suspicious of John Carroll Lynch! In the early ‘80s, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and a few friends took around $100k into the woods and returned with a genre classic, a movie that would produce sequels, a TV series, a comic book, and inspire generations of horror filmmakers. It turns out the old lady’s house may be haunted. Netflix's update of the Spike Lee classic, told through the female gaze, follows bisexual artist Nola as she dates around and generally just lives her best life. 5. In the mood to masturbate, but need some material to help you out?. Adrienne Fuller On 7 January 2016, Netflix announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas that its services are now available across 130 new countries – officially making Netflix available in 243 countries. With a shocking mid-movie twist that best remains unspoiled, this is a tense, clever movie with a pair of strong performances and tight screenplay. Well, it's as much about what the filmmaker chooses not to reveal as what they do show the viewer. Keanu Reeves stars in this Eli Roth film as an average guy who is surprised to find two gorgeous women on his front step, claiming they’re lost on their way to a party and that they need help. This French comedy follows three women in their 40s as they head to the coast and hook up with younger men. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous: Season 1. Jessie must then confront both her inner demons and a looming bogeyman, that may or may not be real, as she struggles to get free before wasting away on the bed. Yes. Compared unfairly to A Quiet Place, given how much of it hinges on sensory deprivation, Bird Box is one of Netflix’s most streamed films for a reason. May not 100% reflect the full Netflix library. It’s well-acted, and adds a few wrinkles to the standard zombie mythology. The 20 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now, 20 Best Sports Movies Streaming on Netflix, The 20 Best Comedy Specials on Netflix Right Now, ​James Franco Talks About Directing Sex Scenes For HBO Porn Drama. The best movies on Netflix include Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Lady Bird, Social Network, The Irishman, and many more. Moodier and more deliberate than probably any other film on this list, Perkins plays with atmosphere in a way that’s creepy and unforgettable. Everything we know about Netflix’s ‘1899’ from ‘Dark’ creators. 36. new Netflix releases this week. Look, another Netflix Original! The story goes that the teenager tried to contact her friend’s deceased boyfriend and, well, things went weird. Netflix Netflix. *Sinister 2 (2015) It’s odd how often Netflix has sequels on their service but not the original. 61. They do what dumb kids do, taking it to the park and slicing up milk cartons, but things turn tragic when a fight erupts. Siegel gives an outstanding lead performance in this tight, distressing came of cat and mouse. You know what? Punk, who remodels an old home in the suburbs of Chicago, where he finds, well, bad things. Here are the 30 scariest films to add to your watchlist. Z Nation. ... Warren, Doc, Citizen Z and George head to Pacifica, where they find tempers flaring and trouble brewing. Many B movies wind up streaming on Netflix for our enjoyment! Thomas Jane stars as Wilfred James, a provincial man who manipulates his teenage son (Dylan Schmid) into helping kill his mother (Molly Parker) so she can’t take her share of the family’s money and ship off to the big city — effectively leaving their farm to die. Non-Cannibal Actor Josh Duhamel May Replace Armie Hammer in, North Dakota’s finest will star opposite Jennifer Lopez, considering, you know, *waves hand in Armie Hammer’s general direction. Netflix Original movies are included in this list although if you only want to see Netflix Original movies, we offer a full list of Netflix Original movies. Ratcheting up the anxiety even further is the fact that our protagonist, Shideh (Narges Rashidi), is dealing with the fear of losing her husband in the war, the resentment of being a stay-at-home mom who is forbidden by the state from working, and a demon infestation all at once. Audiences basically ignored Splice when it came out, but it’s gained a cult following in the decade since. With great practical effects and a pitch-black sense of humor, it’s a movie that recalls great horror films of the ‘70s and ‘80s in ways we don’t see from the genre that often nowadays. Whether it’s from the A-Z of Netflix Originals separated into genres, the complete Netflix Category list or 4k Titles on Netflix, there’s something for everyone here. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. User: 8.1. No. That’s what Oz Perkins (son of Norman Bates himself, Anthony) delivers with this divisive Netflix Original. Starring: Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, Russell Hodgkinson. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 1 'Carol' It’s crunchy and brutal. Grisly and smart, this is a movie people will be talking about long after the pandemic. James Charles Covers ‘Drivers License,’ Reminds You That He Sings. It’s an effective horror flick with some memorable imagery. Ruth Wilson stars as a caretaker named Lily, who is tending to an old horror writer who suffers from dementia. Eat, pray, love, get sent back on the next available flight. Suffice to say that Rollins is a captivating lead. Things do not go as planned. VHS (look it up kids) helped propel this low-budget film to a wide audience who have turned it into a cult classic. Get DVDs by mail plus instantly watch some movies on your PC, Mac, or TV. Her exterior looks pristine but everything on the inside is a mess. Of course, curiosity gets the best of her. Seeing somebody who has been buttoned-up and reserved for the first two acts let go of their inhibitions and get down? As the world deals with a pandemic, there’s something about watching a futuristic society that falls apart because of greed and selfishness. Our Take: The Mexican teen drama Control Z has some good aspects to it. 66. Co-written with star Kate Siegel, the movie takes place over one night when a deaf woman has to evade dying at the hands of a killer who’s stalking her around her house and trying to break in. This article is updated frequently as movies leave and enter Netflix. Anjelica Huston gives a classic performance as the Grand High Witch, who leads her kind in an effort to kill as many children as possible. Can I watch it if I don’t have TV? Set against the backdrop of the Iran–Iraq War in the 1980s, the tension is heightened by the fact that the world outside the home is as dangerous as the one within. JOIN NOW. All the Movies You Must Watch on Netflix. Only a boy and his grandma can stop her. Another indie horror movie making a quick turnaround to Netflix, this 2020 genre flick stars Alexandra Daddario as one of three women who meet a bunch of guys at a metal show and end up taking them back to the house they’re sharing. Check out this other variation on the concept of the doppelgänger, which stars Madeline Brewer as a cam girl who wakes up one day to find out that she’s still online. An excellent movie by director-to-watch Babak Anvari. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris introduced her. The across-the-pond offshoot returns with some familiar challenges, a promising new set of queens, and an array of regional accents. A couple hits a woman with their car after a night of partying and they drive away. This may be more of a thriller than a horror film, but we have to get this list to 50 somehow and it ends in a brutal enough way to qualify. It may still feel like winter outside, but temperatures are sizzling on the streaming service. Trey Edward Shults is quickly becoming one of the most important directors of his generation with his personal debut Krisha and one of the darlings of the 2019 festival season, Waves. This is smart, engaging storytelling. It’s possibly the scariest movie you could watch on Netflix. There are very few horror movies with as perfect a setup as this one. Travis Stevens co-wrote and directed this grisly, clever 2019 horror film about a man, played by wrestler C.M. Something about a murder, maybe? Get on the bandwagon before someone tells you to do so. Start date: Smart and vicious, it’s the kind of indie hit that will surely now find a bigger, appreciative audience on Netflix. Watch all you want. No, Netflix does not have porn. Most of all, those things are in Sir Anthony Hopkins’s typically solid performance as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the last time he would play this role in what is technically a prequel to the superior The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Netflix News ‘Selena: The Series’ Part 2 Coming to Netflix Globally in May 2021. Tobe Hooper’s haunted house story was one of the biggest films of 1982, ushering in a franchise that fans still adore to this day. The star of The Neon Demon plays the new young wife to a powerful and wealthy man who tells her that there’s only one room in the house that’s totally off limits. Netflix has a sizable collection of scary movies.