In essence, they’ve produced a brand new scooter to Euro 4 specs in a very short space of time. Home SCOOTERS Motorcycles Used FINANCE Online Shop Workshop Contact Carnaby. Inspired to re-create the pure joy of free minded, 2 wheeled escapism by using today’s technology. comments. Earlier a few reports suggested that Royal Enfield is working on launching the alloy wheels for the Interceptor and Continental GT after online configurator showed "Coming Soon" on the wheels section of the bikes. CT Automotive in particular, bought the double effect of bringing components manufacture into the process, as well as being able to utilise their distribution channels. With power to spare it also includes electronic fuel injection, a large fuel tank and a stylish king and queen seat. Royal Alloy’s models have stuck to that gorgeous Lambretta styling of old and their new flagship scooter the TG is no exception, though is clearly designed more at Series 2 Lambrettas. 29th November 2020 Chester. If images of the new key fob for the new RA Tiagra Grande are anything to go by we’ll also be seeing a Series 1/2 style machine at EICMA from Royal Alloy. [8] Early Scomadi TL scooters used Piaggio The Scomadi TT still kept its Lambretta themed styling but stater to move away from the GP/DL. WHY CHOOSE ROYAL ALLOY? Royal Alloy brings all the charm of a celebrated golden era to a thoroughly modern machine. Traditionalists be damned. Our learner legal centre has a display of 15 learner legal scooters and sub 125 cc bikes 01254 231221 6.90% APR Finance Example: Total Price £3699.00. Total Amount of Credit £2800.00. [2], In November 2013 Scomadi launched its first production models the TL50 and TL125 at EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. WTF! Checkout SYM Maxsym 400i 2021 Price, specifications, features, colors, mileage, Images, expert review, Videos and user reviews by bike owners. we have re-created a truly 'Classic' style range of scooters designed to re-live those past memories in a modern way With a 348.3 cc engine under the fuel tank, Honda has introduced a direct rival to the segment leader, the Royal … Royal Alloy is the point where Nostalgia is made Real. In 2016 the first batch of 100 Scomadi TL200 scooters arrived with this batch being known as the First Production (FP) and came numbered with a plaque. Multiple prototypes and drawings have been seen including a scooter that resembles a Lambretta Series 1[4] and a TL with a 385cc Moto Morini engine. 60 Mon Year 2020; Mileage 0 miles; Seller type Trade; Engine size 125 cc WELCOME TO THE CARNABY MOTORCYCLE CENTRE. Scomadi scooters started in 2005, founded by Frank Sanderson of Scooter Innovation Ltd and Paul Melici of PM Tuning Ltd. Scomadi Headquarters was based in Olympia House, London Road, Preston, Lancashire, England. The BS6 Royal Enfield Classic 350 range will get alloy wheels as an option right from the showroom. Things should be looking rosier for the company in 2020 though as they look forward to a fresh start. Scomadi scooters were originally manufactured in China by Hanway Motors who were responsible for bringing the product to market and invested heavily in the product which at the time was nothing more than a pencil drawing of a classic Lambretta. In 2019, after some difficult financial times, Scomadi saw a change in management. Find fantastic ROYAL ALLOY bike deals at MCN today. Since we started our scooter business in 2000, we have seen a lot of motor manufactures returning to the classic designs of the 1950/60's indicating there is a market for these revived classic designs with modern upgrades. £3,100.00. Traditionalists be damned. Royal Alloy GP125/200/300 Rubber Floor Mat £49.99 Fast Shipping! Great news. However, Hanway discovered in 2016 that Scomadi had breached contract and gone behind there back to sign a deal with a new financial backer. Visit our showroom in Barnsley, South Yorkshire or call 01226 203377 to secure your Royal Alloy scooter. During their wilderness years, whilst battling legal problems, Scomadi has been completely restructured. The Series 1 styling with a 400cc capacity is a great addition that would have me trade in my Vespa GTV Sei Giorni for one. They realised there was demand so a further 20 TL300 were produced and painted to customer specification. Latest Maxsym 400i 2021 available in 1 variant(s). Royal Enfield Himalayan - A powerful motorcycle with 411 cc engine for on road and off road. Everyone was waiting for the Honda Rebel to launch. Carnaby Scooters The Carnaby Motorcycle Centre Units 4 & 5 65 - 67 Bath Road Thatcham West Berkshire RG18 3BD: Showroom Hours By Pre-Booked Appointment Only Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm Sunday: 11am - 3pm: Finance Details Subject to Status. Retro styled scooters are big business in recent years, and it seems Royal Alloy are willing to push development further and not just rely on the GT and GP series. Ron Daley are official stockists of the Royal Alloy scooters. Worlds first look at the sublime GP 300 LC from Royal Alloy during Launch day at EICMA in Milan, Subscribe for more on Royal Alloy as and when it happens. If Innocenti were still going today they would be producing similar machines in order to remain competitive in the “retro” market. Scomadi has promised more news on the 2020 line up very soon so watch this space. [4] Since the move to thailand many quality concerns have been raised such as snapping frames, poor electrics, ill fitting panels and engine problems. Scomadi edited their badge in April 2015 changing the Italian Flag at the top of the badge to the Union Flag. [3] By the end of 2016 Scomadi's were available in the UK as well as across much of Europe, parts of East Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Columbia.[2]. Honda HNess | Bikes under 400cc in India. Checkout Kymco Xciting 400i 2021 Price, specifications, features, colors, mileage, Images, expert review, Videos and user reviews by bike owners. Its location will make customs clearance and shipment more straightforward. Your local authorised Royal Alloy Dealer Representing the best value in the Royal Alloy scooter range is the GT 125i AC model. G400C Motorcycle These Roads are your Roads! BSSO news | VIDEO. To cater for all markets the GT is available as a 50cc four stroke, 125cc and 150cc 2V Aircooled, 180 (169cc) Aircooled and a range topping 200 (181cc) Liquid cooled 4V. GT50 £99 Deposit. GO BACK TO HOME. Enjoy the feeling of freedom wherever & whenever you ride, restore a connection to your younger self or forge new memories, experience your chosen environment in a whole new way. ROYAL ALLOY SPECIFICATIONS. Royal Alloy has captured this 1960's iconic Lambretta shape and styling perfectly. A new Scomadi in Spain, looking very much like the proposed Royal Alloy scooters. To buy a Hoy Palloy I would need to lower my Union Flag and raise the Red Star of the People’s Republic of China, laughing in the face of British industry and intellectual property rights and to buy Piaggio now means being stuck behind that lorry spraying shit at you on a wet day on the big bad roads, because they made their latest, highest powered Vespa ever SLOWER than the last less powerful model. Scomadi is a brand of British designed scooters, produced in Thailand. When will the Retro model and other promised designs and developments arrive? The Royal Alloy range is truly unique in being the only British brand that provides a complete portfolio of 'Real' Retro' scooters for the modern rider. [7] Scomadi and Hanway/RoyalAlloy settled the matter, with both going their separate ways, with Royal Alloy going from strengh to strengh and most recently released the Royal Alloy TG125 and 300cc a model unique to Royal Alloy and proving to be very popular all over the world. [2] These were sold quickly. GO BACK TO RETRO SCOOTERS. It will get alloy wheels as an option on two paint schemes. £2,550.00. That remains to be seen but the current Thai factory will continue to run until the new unit is complete and ready to go, so production shouldn’t be affected. Get your winter kit, trackers, exhausts, plastics and other goodies from the SLUK Shop, MODERN, Modern Feature, Modern Scooter News, RETRO, Retro Feature, Retro Scooter News. Royal Alloy GT125 AC The Start Of Something Special All journeys start somewhere and for Royal Alloy it is the GT 125i AC. Checkout January promo & loan simulation in your city and compare the Xciting 400i 2021 with Maxsym 400i, GP200S and other Rivals only at OTO. [2] In March 2017 Scomadi launched their new Model, the Turismo Technica (TT), at the Bangkok International Motor Show. Keep your eye on SLUK next week for updates on all the retro-styled machines revealed in Milan. The Series 1 styling with a 400cc capacity is a great addition that would have me trade in my Vespa GTV Sei Giorni for one. Vespa malossi 166. 18th December 2020 Chichester West Sussex . PX 200 E (2002) 12th December 2020 Loughbroough, Leicestershire. You choose the limits, You choose the story, You choose the Scooter for you. BS6 Royal Enfield Classic 350 scheduled for a major update. Replacement polycarbonate headlights for your classic scooter from VE. It’s fair to say that things haven’t been all plain sailing at Scomadi over the past three years, you can read our earlier Scomadi articles by clicking this link. Or the classic design and retro styling. It will get fuel injection as well. 1.99 Lakh in India. interceptor 650 (e uro 4) รุ่น standard. £1,000.00. [10] Despite having several dealers in the UK in the outset they upset many dealers by having very poor dealer support, parts and warranty back up and now almost all Scomadi dealers have ditched the Scomadi brand and taken up Royal Alloy instead, Management/Ownership change and New factory, "Scomadi Factory Open For Business News" Scooterlab UK, "New Scomadi Prototypes First Ride Review" 16 August 2017,,,, "Scomadi TL200 is a crouching panther, hidden lambretta", "Say hello to India's most expensive scooter: Scomadi TT125 launching in May at Rs 2 lakh! The Royal Alloy GP series really was a breakthrough for us... And for the real retro scootering fraternity! Bajaj Dominar 400 is a sports bike available at a price of Rs. The original Scomadi models were designed with European climates in mind but the growing world market for retro scooters dictated otherwise. [9], Despite the original idea being form the UK Scomadi is now owned by a Thai company and have almost zero distribution or dealers in the UK instead focusing on Oceania and Asia, and started exporting into India in 2018. The new factory is in the “Free zone” near Pattaya, with people like Harley Davidson as neighbours and a deep sea port close by. Carnaby Scooters Your Royal Alloy Superstore - UK's Number One Royal Alloy Dealer. Royal Alloy scooters are now dominant in almost every market in the world and considered to be a better quality product than the previously designed Scomadi's. The new factory will house the R&D department and all models will be designed, prototyped and built from there in the future. Royal Alloy is a quality scooter that brings real value for money to the table while enhancing the experience for the rider.This range of models takes the retro scooter scene forward with a fresh vision for the mainstream and enthusiast in equal measures. Good luck for 2020 chaps! Current and future models will be built there using the latest components and methods, including robot welding of frames. Royal Alloy scooters are now dominant in almost every market in the world and considered to be a better quality product than the previously designed Scomadi's. Smooth, clean lines that recall the essence of a mis-spent youth, encase engines that beat in tune with todays need for reliable, versatile machines & that turn heads wherever you go. Because of this dishonest action by Scomadi and a breach of contract Hanway & Royal Alloy Scooters claimed ownership of Scomadi design patents via legal action and won. Scomadi 400cc – Teaser pics of whats to come ... Royal alloy. [booking_product_helper shortname="scarborough"], Lambretta TV/Li (first series) | by Vittorio Tessera, Vespa GTS/GTV SLUK Ultra Triple Protection Pack, *Clearance* ScooterLab 'Small logo' T-shirt, Universal Vespa/Lambretta 3-bolt TSR stainless steel end can (TSR/PM/NK – RHS), Lambretta TSR DJ Mk2 Stainless Steel Exhaust – Series 2/3/SX/TV/GP/Li, Vespa T5 TSR Revolver stainless steel downpipe, Vespa TSR Revolver stainless steel downpipe – Vespa PX 200/210, Vespa TSR Revolver stainless steel downpipe – Vespa PX 125/150/166/LML, Vespa TSR Evo stainless steel end can – Vespa PX 125/150/200, Home-built Turkish electric PX 2000 | FEATURE, Silence e-moto scooters arrive in UK | NEWS, The 2020 Tside6 scooter endurance race – Part 2 | FEATURE, German humour & engineering – Harald of MMW: the man with the Golden Shower | FEATURE, Are you missing scooter racing? Comments. After Scomadi's divorce from Chinese manufacturing company Hanway Motors they announced a new factory in Thailand in 2017. In February 2020 Scomadi opened their new Factory in Thailand located near Pattaya. เลือกรุ่นรถ / model. They now have the security offered by wealthy Thai investors and are in the process of moving to a new purpose-built factory. It’s fair to say quality has been an issue on some Scomadi components but with the backing of Marin Engineering a whole new supplier network has been established for component parts, whilst new tooling has been developed for OEM manufactured parts like frames, forks, metal body parts, ABS parts, wheels and braking systems. Latest Xciting 400i 2021 available in 1 variant(s). Royal Alloy Logo T-Shirt Black £9.99 Fast Shipping! I was worried that the Hoy Palloy and the hoy palloy buying them had dealt Scomadi the off. From occasional days out to rally life, Royal Alloy has found a home with everyone from enthusiasts to those finding their journeys beginning. It also gets a number of new paint options. Top of the Royal Alloy range right now is the GP 200 LC with a liquid cooled engine and metal bodywork. For the very first time in recent history, the consumer can enjoy a truly authentic retro scooter made of steel that respectfully nods towards the The GT was the very first incarnation of the Royal Alloy range of 'Classically' styled scooters and remains very popular to this day. Royal Enfield launched the all-new Interceptor and the Continental GT 650 in the Indian market last year and both the bikes have become quite popular in the market. The scooter is aimed at the mainstream customer who appreciates a classic looking machine with modern reliability and quality.The increased power provided by the 200cc liquid cooled engine offers a big step up in terms of performance and superior riding. Shop for accessories. The legal action effectively resulted in the Scomadi having no scooters to sell for 7 months. The legal action effectively resulted in the Scomadi having no scooters to sell for 7 months. Cooling systems have also been upgraded to cope with extremes of heat and cold. Royal Alloy A selection of Past Era Modern Classic Scooters with a choice of Metal or plastic bodies, Latest Series of engines 50cc 125cc 200cc 300cc Models GT Grand Tourer, GP Grand Prix, TG Tigara Grande based on the TV175. We are the North West's newest main dealer for KTM and Kawasaki and agents for Royal Enfield, Royal Alloy, Benelli, Lambretta, Sym, Keyway & HP Mondial. The cooling systems are now being produced by specialist firm, Radicon a supplier to the likes of Ducati, Triumph, BMW, Ferrari, Aston Martin…. This saw the involvement of two firms, Minor International and CT Engineering. Huh??? This will no doubt infuriate many purists but the fact it is capable of accommodating the fabled 400cc engine will also excite others (if and when it happens). Buy and sell new and used ROYAL ALLOY motorcycles with confidence at MCN Bikes for Sale. Select By Brand. [5] Founder Frank Sanderson and his wife moved to Thailand to continue involvement, with Frank continuing to work on development and technical innovation. Details of the court case can be found here..., Scomadi TL scooters are a modern design, but resemble 1960s era Innocenti produced Lambretta's, in particular the GP/DL model. GT125 £99 Deposit. No thanks on both counts. [1] The two founders, with 60 years of experience between them, put together 10 prototypes named Turismo Leggera (TL). As a motorcyclist, I am spoiled for choice of over a dozen quality, powerful retro inspired bikes from more than half a dozen marques but as a scooterist who wants old timer looks with a bit of ooomph, there is only the Hoy Palloy 300 or Vespa’s now paradoxically higher powered but non-motorway capable GTS 300 HPE. Explore - features, specifications, colours, reviews, images and more about Himalayan. They’ve slimmed the bodywork down and lowered seat heights to make them comfier and more accessible for shorter riders.

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